Rebecca Oliver

Rebecca Oliver

– speaker & moderator –

Rebecca is a strategic systems thinker with a background both in the natural sciences and industry.

About Rebecca as a speaker and moderator;
“Rebecca is very knowledgeable on most of the big issues of today – like sustainable development, climate change, new economics, population, poverty eradication, food and water etc – and has a rather unique understanding about how all such issues are interrelated. She is systems thinker.

Rebecca is a very good speaker. She is also an excellent moderator. People on a panel, moderated by Rebecca, will be greatly helped, sometimes obliged, to share their most inner feelings about important topics and, as well, interact fully with the rest of the panel members. I can highly recommend Rebecca, both as a lecturer/speaker and as a moderator”.

Anders Wijkman

Good understanding
Her time with the multinational Unilever and with the Tällberg Foundation has given her a good understanding of the challenges that the world is facing, as human activities that are essential to bringing millions out of poverty and progress human development, begin to seriously threaten the functioning of the planet.

Her former work at the Tällberg Foundation allowed Rebecca to build good relationships with some of the world’s foremost experts and decision makers in many fields, as she brings their thinking into the broad focus of the Tällberg Foundation projects.

While this means that Rebecca has a deep understanding of the global challenges, it also creates a systems perspective of how these challenges need to be tackled globally, with countless case studies of progressive activities that she uses to illustrate her talks.

The years at the Tällberg Forum gave Rebecca the opportunity to speak and moderate on stage with an audience of over a thousand, and in front of TV cameras. She is a comfortable, dynamic and warm speaker on stage, but is equally relaxed and confident moderating high-level smaller meetings with groups that include CEOs, former Prime Ministers and senior decision makers from all sectors,

Rebecca can bring a meeting to life with humour, while maintaining focus, allowing reflection and asking plenty of tough questions. She excels at generating structured but open, informal and warm discussion creating a good atmosphere and generating innovative thinking. Her gentle, friendly and easy nature brings the best out of individuals in the group. While her mother tongue is English, she speaks Swedish and Italian fluently, and while her Italian may be a little rusty after 5 years in Sweden, she uses Swedish on a daily basis.

Rebecca joined the Tällberg Foundation in 2006 as project director, working with the development of the Tällberg Forum, and running strategy, analysis, publications and education projects.

She designs and heads up the New Leader Programme, which brings the Tällberg approach to younger leaders and decision makers in a special pedagogic programme.

Before joining Kungliga Vetenskaps Akademien (KVA), Rebecca worked at Tällberg Foundation, and before that was based in Italy working as External Relations Manager at Unilever, training global marketing and development directors on external risk and crisis management. She was also an internal consultant for product innovation strategies, legislative issues, corporate responsibility, environmental protection and corporate ethics.

Rebecca has an MSc in Science Communications from the London University’s Imperial and a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Warwick, UK. Rebecca is an accomplished amateur musician in her spare time.

Please contact Stefan and Anna Jonsson
Phone: +46 (0)500-42 86 02

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